Cruising is the fastest growing holiday sector and as soon as you step on board you can see why! You can count on superb dining choices, spacious and comfortable accommodations, non-stop onboard activities, all sorts of fun and adventurous programs at each individual port of call, Broadway caliber nightly entertainment, and the list goes on.  And the best part is that a cruise experience is virtually all-inclusive!  With cruising steadily receiving the highest customer satisfaction ratings throughout the travel industry, you can count on an experience that will delight you and your group in every aspect of your cruise.  In fact, today’s ships leave nothing to chance which is why cruises are the fastest growing holiday sector in the entire travel industry.

What are the benefits of taking a cruise vacation?
There are many benefits to cruising. Some of our favorites include all-inclusive meals, unlimited entertainment options, and traveling from one destination to the next from the comfort of your ship (plus, only having to unpack once). Rather than spending your travel time in a car or on a train, you can be watching Broadway-style shows, eating fine cuisine, swimming in the pool, and sleeping in your private cabin.

I want to take a “traditional” cruise. What do you suggest?
A “traditional” cruise may be one with pre-assigned dining times and table mates, and with formal nights (men wear suits or tuxedos and women wear pantsuits or cocktail dresses).

I want to take a “non-traditional” cruise. What do you suggest?
A “nontraditional” cruise may be one with open dinner seating (eat when you want, where you want, and with whom you want) and casual attire at all times.

Are some ships better than others for children?
While most cruise lines offer supervised activities for children-such as swimming, sports, movies, and games-some ships don’t, and some ships have better programs than others. In addition, some programs have minimum age requirements (generally age 2 or 3). Cruise Holidays can help you select the right ship for you family.

Can I book an adults-only cruise?
If you want to take a cruise without the kids (yours, or anybody else’s), you have a few options. Certain ships don’t cater to children; while others actually discourage parents from bringing their children along. Though this doesn’t guarantee a child-free cruise, it does greatly reduce the number of children onboard.

I’m traveling alone. Will the cruise line help me find a roommate?
Some cruise lines will help solo travelers find roommates of the same gender. Cruise Holidays can help you find these cruises.

Are there nonsmoking cruises?
Although there are no nonsmoking cruise ships, all ships do have designated nonsmoking areas, including most cabins, restaurants (including main dining rooms), and public areas.