Australia and New Zealand

Australia’s vast coastline offers diversity and spectacular landscapes so memorable it’s hard to get back on the ship! An Australian cruise takes in experiences such as the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef or swimming with dolphins on the Melbourne coast. That’s the beauty of cruising Australia – you can see so much more than on a land-based holiday.

As you cruise into Sydney, the Harbour Bridge highlights the action that this city has to offer. Whether kayaking under the bridge is your thing or mingling with the multinational culture in the bars and restaurants is more your cup of tea, be sure to take in the fabulous fusion of food, fashionable shopping and lively nightlife before it’s time to move on.

The Great Barrier Reef is so big it can be seen from space. But your cruise will take you a lot closer than that, so close in fact that you can snorkel, swim and dive in it. There’s plenty of land-based activities too. Take a scenic rail journey from Cairns to a sleepy village of Kuranda or a day trip to Daintree Rainforest, the world’s oldest surviving tropical rainforest. To take a walk on the wild side, Australia’s Aboriginal heritage can be learned in Darwin where you can cruise with crocodiles and bushwalk through tropical forests.

Beyond the sun-drenched vibrancy of Australia, lies New Zealand. You’ll want to experience again and again. Here nature is king, so much so you’ll feel further away from the stresses and strains of everyday life here than anywhere else in the world.

Cruising around New Zealand is up there as one of life’s must-dos. Blessed with natural beauty and diverse landscapes, each of the ports in New Zealand offers something unique. Milford Sound within Fiordland National Park is described by Rudyard Kipling as the eighth wonder of the world – in fact many passengers have also described it as the highlight of their New Zealand cruise.

Being relatively compact, New Zealand is easy to explore. Each region is within overnight steaming of each other, meaning each morning you’ll awake from the comforts of your cruise ship to New Zealand’s diversity. From fiords with thundering waterfalls, rare and endangered wildlife, to bubbling mudpools and geysers or art deco extravagance, you’re bound to be entertained!

New Zealand’s Maori culture is also deeply entrenched in everyday life in New Zealand. So if culture is your thing, keep an eye out for the variety of Maori experiences, whether it be a marae visit, watching the melodic performance of a kapa haka group or weaving your own piece of art.

When you’re in New Zealand, be sure to eat your way around each regional food and wine offering too! It’s definitely a foodie’s heaven. Enjoy this trip of a lifetime!

A cruise including Australia and New Zealand is unforgettable.