USA and Canada

Although the USA and Canada seem on the surface to be similar western destinations, just a scratch on the surface shows not only two hugely different countries, but distinct destinations within each one.

North America cruises usually work around the east or west coasts, with New York, Boston, Charleston and New England being the main attractions on the Atlantic coast, and San Francisco and Hawaii being popular on the Pacific coast in the west, amongst many others. Florida is a huge port for outbound Caribbean cruises with Orlando and Miami being the main attractions and serving well as pre or post cruise and stay destinations.

The Atlantic coast offers leafy boulevards and world renowned shopping and restaurants, with New England in the fall being awash with rustic colour and charm. Of course, New York never sleeps and allows you to explore day and night.

Further west on the Pacific coast, the climate warms up and icons such as the Golden Gate Bridge and the surf in Hawaii bring scenes from movies alive in front of you eyes.

Moving onto Canada, the cultures change completely, yet similarly to America, the country varies hugely from coast to coast. The majority of cruises focus on the east coast of Canada. Halifax in Nova Scotia is steeped in maritime history not least from the rescue effort of the Titanic being based there. Another must see on the east coast is Quebec, a mix of French and Canadian cultures, with cobbled, tree lined streets and pavement cafes proving irresistible to people watchers and lovers of coffee and croissants.