Get closer to the world’s most incredible sights

Hurtigruten offers independent niche adventure cruise holidays offering a way to take in many of Norway’s spectacular scenery & best sites, reality really does exceed the imagination!

Hurtigruten have been cruising around the coastal areas of Norway for over 115 years and have a fleet designed to navigate around the rugged coastal waters of Norway and the Arctic, with the additions of Greenland, Spitsbergen and Antarctica.

Themed voyages are popular with regular cruisers who have special interests such as the Northern Lights, the Fjords, Reindeer Races and bird watching off the Nordic Coast among many many more.

Excursions are a must on any Hurtigruten cruise, including Dog Sledging, a Glacier adventure, Riverboat Safaris and riding on snowmobiles. There’s certainly no time to stop and feel the cold!

So for those looking for something slightly different but with the comforts of a cruise ship designed especially for the terrain, Hurtigruten delivers on all counts.