Embark on a wild and award-winning experience at sea! Why not?

Royal Caribbean know how to push boundaries of imagination and innovation with the world’s first onboard rock walls, ice-skating rinks and surf parks.

Their key to you experiencing a cruise of a lifetime is allowing you to feel free to do exactly as you like. They feature over 290 destinations, with exciting shore excursions and even more exhilarating onboard adventures, what more could you want?

Independence of the Seas, the new Freedom class ship, conveniently sails all year.

The newest addition, Oasis of the Seas is the largest and most revolutionary cruise ship in the world taking the cruise industry further into uncharted waters.

Oasis will be larger than any other cruise ship built to date, and features the first ever outdoor park at sea, which is an open air space in the centre of the ship featuring lush, green, tropical gardens with outside dining and street entertainment.