Towering sails and teak decks. Enjoy a true maritime adventure.

Star Clippers is commonly know as tall ships or tall ship cruising. A casual style of cruising with elegance accompanying it at the same time. You can do as much or as little as you like.

Whether it be the Med, Caribbean, French Polynesia, Costa Rica, Far East or Ocean Crossings the crew onboard are very friendly and will even let you get involved in hoisting the sails. Whilst onboard you can also climb the mast so if you are interested in boating or an enthusiast this is really a great holiday.

There are no schedules that you have to follow onboard; it’s your holiday so you do as you wish. In term of entertainment, Star Clipper is not like an Ocean Liner so in the evening everybody tends to head for the piano bar where you can have a sing along together or just do your own thing. Local musicians and entertainment comes aboard in the evening sometimes depending on where you are cruising, but one thing is for sure because of the size of the ship, there is a real sense of togetherness. In the evening before venturing to the piano bar you will eat in the restaurant with its open seating dining with no need for any reservations.